Brief profile

FL Technics Engineering holds Part-M and Part-21 certification with 20 years of experience and almost 1000  professionals located across the globe. As such, we are aptly positioned to provide aircraft engineering and planning services with a worldwide reach. Each of these services is underpinned by the company’s utmost standards for efficiency and quality assurance.

The full extent of our services and solutions is based on regulatory guidance and hands-on experience with a variety of different aircraft types. We take the onus of responsibility and attention to detail of each project like it would be our own money at risk. Our infrastructural capabilities, together with effective work processes allow us to tender services customized to each customer’s individual needs and requests.

FL Technics Engineering is a part of FL Technics - a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. By harnessing the full potential of FL Technics, including its diverse competencies and long standing relationships with global partners, we offer an industry leading one-stop-shop for individually optimized aircraft engineering and planning solutions.

As a technologically focused company, we use the innovative RAMCO IT system and offer the full range of modern service solutions – including online customer support as well as remotely managed and monitored aircraft technical performance, thereby making our services as cost-effective, convenient and time-saving as possible.