FL Technics appoints a new CEO

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics

FL Technics, a global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has announced the appointment of Zilvinas Lapinskas to the position of its new CEO. Zilvinas will replace Jonas Butautis who will act as the Deputy CEO for the rest of the transition period. Zilvinas Lapinskas boasts an experience of over ten years spent leading international enterprises and teams of 4000+ employees.


FL Technics invests USD 4 million in high-tech aviation equipment

FL Technics Kaunas

FL Technics, a global provider of comprehensive aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has announced its plans to invest almost USD 4 million into high-tech aircraft maintenance equipment at its newly-launched MRO hangar in Kaunas, Lithuania. The latest equipment will support new FL Technics 8000 sq. m. MRO centre in servicing both narrow and wide body modern aircraft, including Boeing 747 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Is infrastructure the only obstacle for aviation in Latin America?

FL Technics Training

For the past 10 years the aviation industry in Latin America has been subject to impressive growth rates. In September alone local airlines recorded an increase of approximately 8% in demand for air travels. Nevertheless, experts claim that currently the region is performing weaker than it should due to various infrastructure related challenges. However, if these issues were eliminated, would Latin America be truly ready to meet the ever growing demand?


FL Technics to launch Line Stations in Ukraine, Georgia and Libya

Lviv international airport

FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul, successfully develops its Line Maintenance support network by launching two new Line Stations in Lviv, Ukraine and Kutaisi, Georgia. The company also plans to open a Line Station in Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya.


Aircraft maintenance specialist - engineer yourself into the world‘s TOP100 most wanted professions

Aircraft mechanic FLT training

Currently the global aviation industry employs over 56 million of people worldwide. Aviation professionals contribute to the global economy 3.5 times more than any other industry representatives. Considering their influence and extreme importance to the modern society, aviation-related professions remain amongst the most desired and promising both in Europe and the entire world.


Increasing aircraft production rates are exerting pressure on training providers

FL Technics training

As the global aviation industry is steadily recovering, more and more operators tend to switch to new generation aircraft due to its performance and cost related benefits. In turn, reacting to the continuously rising demand, aircraft manufacturers are increasing the production rates thus artificially pushing the currently operated generation of aircraft into retirement. While this process is certainly affecting OEMs and other aftermarket players, training providers may be the ones to face the biggest challenge.