Pre-purchase & Re-delivery Inspection and Audit

FL Technics Engineering has accumulated unmatched experience and expertise to offers its customers valuable assistance in the evaluation of aircraft prior to procurement. Through our multi-licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who are competent with all aspects of aircraft return inspections, maintenance programme bridging checks and airworthiness authority requirements, we take all the responsibility for making sure that your aircraft is returned from a lease or transferred to another operator in accordance with your specific lease return terms and conditions and in the best possible condition.

We provide

  • Airworthiness authority transfer certification 
  • Airworthiness Directive compliance 
  • Structural repair certification 
  • Modification embodiment records 
  • Engine status and ‘back to birth’ traceability 
  • Hard time component certification and history 
  • Analysis of maintenance check invoices, labour and material costs
  • Aircraft inspection
  • Physical condition report
  • Physical inspections of the aircraft & records
  • Full AD & SB audits
  • Observations and listings of outstanding maintenance items.
  • Overview of aircraft condition and compliancy of all aircraft records.
  • Damage mapping
  • Independent compilation of time & life limited data
  • Video, photographs and photocopies of all certificates and important log entries
  • Development of a comprehensive listing of all outstanding Airworthiness Directives, Hard Life Limited components, maintenance intervals and other time life critical items of the airframe and engines.

Choose us

  • Objective assessment of the situation
  • Easier assessment of the real market value of the aircraft
  • Clearer view of the work scope needed to make your aircraft airworthy again
  • Risk minimization with regards to legal issues or objections
  • Information necessary to produce solid arguments during negotiations 
  • Inspectors with over 20 years experience in the field
  • Expertise in assessing Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier aircraft
  • Up-to-date knowledge of aircraft market and prices
  • Flexible and quick turnaround time
  • Regular online and offline reports
  • Close cooperation with aircraft manufacturers
  • Quality assurance with regards to all project management processes