Aircraft Flight and Maintenance Archive Digitalization

FL Technics Engineering provides secure, browser-based, cloud computing solutions for airlines, lessors and their ecosystem partners to easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and exchange aircraft maintenance records, saving both office space and precious man power. In this day and age archive digitalization is an irreplaceable practice in the process of retrieving information for the on-going operation / maintenance of aircraft whilst ensuring the highest level of insurance against the damage or destruction of hard copy paper records.

We provide:

  • Handling of high volumes of data and records in real-time from multiple locations 
  • Integration of your M&E software and other database systems 
  • Uploading records from MROs upon which you rely for heavy and day-to-day maintenance 
  • Controlling costs while maximizing MRO operations 
  • Monitoring the airworthiness of your fleet and regulatory compliance

Choose us

  • Experienced and competent team of over 50 engineers
  • Effective work processes and RAMCO IT software tools
  • 20 + years experience in working with most types of aircraft 
  • Independent (from OEMs, Suppliers) and objective (non-airline operated) 
  • Highly optimized services with up to 20% cost savings
  • Quality assurance with regards to all project management processes