Maintenance, Engineering and Planning Software as PBM

FL Technics Engineering provides a wide range of fully integrated maintenance, engineering and planning solutions to control your operations, reduce costs and manage personnel via a single easy to maintain and user friendly system. The flexibility provided by Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite supplements the strategic initiatives of airlines to expand and improve their business processes.

We provide:

  • Dynamic, configurable dashboards compatible with a wide range of portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, etc.) to keep track of KPIs and performance metrics such as Profitability by Fleet, MEL count by model, Delays per 1000 FH and so on. 
  • Efficient management of records to improve manpower productivity. 
  • Higher control of financial and management tools whilst using our large repository of pre-built reports.
  • Auto-accrual of operating costs and reconciliation of accrued operation costs with supplier invoices and documents.

Choose us

  • Monitor the real-time operational compliance and review the system generated areas for quality control.
  • Generate Reliability Reports Online—drastically reduce lead times for generating Reliability Reports for monthly / quarterly / yearly analysis.
  • Manage and maintain audit records for all compliance activities and provide recommendations to prevent repeat problems.
  • Improve regulatory compliance by adopting MSG3 approach.