Technical Asset Management

Throughout the entire aircraft leasing period, FL Technics Engineering is able to provide the full package of aircraft technical asset management services, including continuous aircraft or components monitoring and management, market research and reporting, planning and control.

We ensure and control that all obligations are being met, forewarn of any potential problems that may arise, as well as provide advice as how to best address any emerging issues and execute orderly aircraft maintenance, which could increase residual value of aircraft by 5 – 10%.

We provide:

  • Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Total Technical Support
  • Modification Management
  • Reports 
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Operator control
  • Maintenance reserve management
  • Inspections

Choose us

  • Experienced and competent team of over 50 engineers
  • Effective work processes and RAMCO IT software tools
  • Quality assured project management processes
  • One-stop-shop for all services