Aircraft Acquisition Management

From time to time, leasing companies need to select and take delivery of new and used aircraft into their fleets either to satisfy the demands of expansion or to maintain fleet sizes by replacing aircraft that have been removed from service.

Having extensive experience in various types of aircraft and regulations FL Technics Engineering is able to provide you with full package of highest quality services covering the full aircraft acquisition management.

We provide:

New aircraft Used aircraft
  • Leasing advice
  • Configuration management
  • Interior management
  • Inspection of documentation
  • Aircraft selection and valuation
  • Inspection on delivery
  • Technical acceptance
  • Audit of aircraft interior
  • Reconfiguration and redesign

Choose us

  • Experienced and competent team of over 50 engineers
  • Effective work processes and RAMCO IT software tools
  • High quality services and support
  • Experience on many types of aircraft and more than 20 years track record
  • Independent(from OEM, Suppliers) and objective(non-airline) operations
  • Specialized and highly optimized services, with up to 20% cost saving
  • Over 80 aircraft fleet in CAMO supervision
  • Quality Assured project management processes