Aircraft Retirement Management

FL Technics Engineering provides comprehensive management services with regards to aircraft retirement process, including aircraft teardown, sale of components/spare parts and asset utilisation. FL Technics Engineering’s aviation market experts continuously monitor market conditions and price levels to ensure that you accept only the best price which corresponds with the residual value of your spare parts.

We provide:

  • Aircraft teardown services 
  • Consignment of spare parts and components 
  • Asset utilisation or logistics
  • Project planning and management
  • Consulting with regards to certification 
  • Project and Cost Control Management

Choose us

  • Experienced and competent team of over 50 engineers
  • Effective work processes and RAMCO IT software tools
  • High quality services and support to clients worldwide
  • 20+ years experience in working with most types of aircraft
  • Independent (from OEMs, Suppliers) and objective (non-airline ownership)
  • Highly optimized services, with up to 20% cost savings
  • A fleet of over 80 aircraft in CAMO supervision
  • Over 50 engines repaired annually
  • Long-standing experience in engine management